Keeping Time

On BA 2227, I find myself once again flying between continents, between time zones, between lives. My mother lived all those years five hours ahead of me. Still, it took me 37 years to catch her up. Today, I head back from a visit for Nana’s funeral. Nana, who welcomed me like no other; Nana, […]

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I’ve decided that the best way to explain adoption to those outside the triad is to compare it to an organ transplant. Being adopted often feels to me like being a transplanted organ: without being asked, I was removed from the body to which I belonged and implanted in the body of a whole new […]

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I’m Jayne.

I’m a bastard,

an adoptee,

a mother,

in reunion.

For the first 40 years of my life, I wore the costume of legitimacy. It hung badly on me — sagged in some spots and squeezed in others. And it itched. So I’ve removed it. And returned to my beautiful bastardly birthday suit, which finally fits perfectly.

This is my blog, for me and all you other illegiterati.