Here’s my pre-reading terminology note: I don’t use the standard triad names for people. None of them feels right to me. Some of my friends have names like biomom and biodad for their natural parents. Since my natural father is always referred to as the Putative Father in the social worker’s notes, some of my friends suggested I call him the PF. It was funny at the start. For a week, maybe. Just using first names didn’t work, either, since my natural mother, adoptive mother and mother-in-law all happen to have the same first name. Now I’ve been in reunion for three years and have settled on language with which I feel comfortable. So in all my posts, as in the real world, my birth or natural mother is simply called my mother. Following logically, my birth or natural father is called simply my father. My adoptive parents, then, get the proper nouns, Mum and Dad. Easy enough to understand, I think. Enough said. Click a post and read on. Please.


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